Clear 2 Part Baubles

2 part clear baubles for craft projects.

Great for making decorations.

Clock Making

A range of items for you to create your own unique clock

Cotton Balls

White cotton balls in a range of sizes. Each with a hole through the centre for threading.

Craft Wire

A range of coloured beading wire & threads in a variety of colours.

Ideal for all types of crafting project.

Crafting Tools & Gadgets

Tools for Crafting and a selection of Crafting Gadgets. 

Useful for your own crafting and great as a Gift for a Craft Friend

Dream Catcher Supplies

A selection of items for making Dream Catchers


A range of Feathers for Craft Projects.

Knitted wire Mesh

Knitted Wire Mesh in a range of colours.

Use your imagination to stretch it or squeeze it to make stunning jewellery.

Knitting & Crochet

A range of items and gifts for those who love crafting with yarns

Metal & Wire Shapes

A wide range of Metal and wire shapes, including rings, heart, trees and flowers in lots of different sizes

Metal Rings for Craft Projects

Metal Rings for Craft Projects

White coated metal hoops for craft projects in a range of sizes.

Click here to see some ideas of how to use metal rings on our Pinterest Board.

Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling Supplies and kits.

Paper Strips

A range of paper strips fron Rayher in colours to match our range of Washi Tape.

Great for making paper decorations.

Papier Mache Shapes

A range of Papier Mache shapes , including balls, balloons, onions eggs and cones in a variety of sizes.

Polystyrene Shapes

A wide range of polystyrene (Styrofoam) shapes including balls, bells, eggs, hearts, rings and wreaths - all in a variety of sizes.


A range of 6mm (non washable) sequins from Rayher

Can be used for a variety of crafting projects.

Wooden Items for Crafting

A range of Wooden shapes and cabinets for you to decorate.

Why not make a unique gift for someone special?

Stringing Materials

A selection of String Material for Jewellery making and general crafting.

Washi Tape

A range of pretty Washi Tape from Rayher.

Everyone needs Washi Tape in their Craft Stash - it is so useful.